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titleI don’t have an account, or my account doesn’t have scoring access. What can I do?

If you don’t have an account, you should ask your MyCricket ResultsVault club contact to set you up with one.

If you already have an account but don’t have scoring rights or access to score a match, please contact the Principal Administrator at your club to request access.


titleHow can I download a match from MyCricket to score?

If you are already logged in, and you are on the Matches page, simply swipe down. Matches that have just been setup should populate in the list - providing they have been made active by the administrator on MyCricketResultsVault.



titleCan I score a match that isn’t available on MyCricket?

Yes – it’s called a Custom match. You can create a custom match — with custom teams and players — by tapping the ‘Other Matches’ tab on the Matches screen, or by tapping ‘Continue without logging in’ from the Login screen. However, keep in mind that custom matches cannot be synced to MyCricket ResultsVault — they will only exist on your device.


titleCan multiple scorers be scoring the same game simultaneously?

Yes, multiple scorers can score the same game but only the first scorer to access the match, known as the Primary Scorer, will sync the score to MyCricketResultsVault. Any subsequent scorers are known as Secondary scorers, and their scoring will remain on their device only, unless they take over scoring from the Primary scorer.

To switch scoring from a Primary scorer to a Secondary scorer:

  1. the Primary scorer must first save and unlock the match.  The match then becomes available for a Secondary scorer to take over scoring. 
  2. The new scorer will need to select the match and then download the latest scores (uploaded by the Primary scorer when the match was saved on Play-Cricket)
  3. The new scorer must then lock the match so they can become the Primary scorer.  To lock the match, tap the Lock icon on the top of the Scoresheet.