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What’s the difference between primary and secondary gateways?

  • MPS Disbursement Gateway (primary):
    The MPS Disbursement Gateway is the primary gateway used by majority of clubs and associations.  The gateway disburses payments weekly and automates the distribution of membership fees, to clubs, associations and state bodies.  Another benefit of using the primary gateway is that it will allow registrants/parents to save their credit card details on future signup forms.
  • MyNetball Payment Service (secondary):
    The other service supported is a secondary gateway, provided by our payments partner Pin Payments. This involves creating a Pin Payments account and individuals’ payments are directed to the club/associations nominated bank account.

Costs in using the primary vs secondary gateways per transaction.

  • Primary – 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Secondary – 2.15% + $0.30 per transaction

What reports / pages can I view payment information in MyNetball?

  • Payment Settlement Report:
    • View the status and individual transactions of each payment settlement from the weekly disbursement of payments.
  • Payment Gateway Report:
    • Review individual transactions that have been processed through the different Payment Gateway(s).
  • Registration Details Report:
    • Review individual registrations received. Download Details and Summary options at the bottom of the page includes extra information not visible on the admin page. 

When to contact InteractSport support vs Pin Payment support:

  • If you query is related to the MPS Disbursement Gateway (primary gateway), contact InteractSport support.
  • If your query is related to the MyNetball Service Gateway (secondary gateway), contact Pin Payments support –

Primary Gateway FAQs

Why hasn’t my club received money from the primary gateway?

  • After your bank account details are entered, and upon the first attempt to disburse funds to your organisation, Pin Payments sends a ‘Know Your Customer’ verification email, please complete this email to received funds, if you deleted or did not receive this KYC from Pin Payments please submit a ticket and we will resend.
  • If your club hasn’t used the MPS Disbursement Gateway before and expect payments haven’t disbursed to your club’s account, then it’s likely your organisation has not been verified with Pin Payments. Please submit a support ticket and we will provide the verification link.  Once verified, payments will be disbursed in the next batch.
  • Payments are disbursed in bulk weekly from the MPS Disbursement Gateway, so you won’t see individual transfers of payments immediately into your clubs/association nominated bank account. The weekly batch of payments and all the individual payments can be reviewed in the Payment Settlement Report.
  • If your funds have not been disbursed from the MyNetball Payment Service gateway, please contact Pin Payments support -

How often are payments disbursed from the primary gateway?

  • Payments are disbursed weekly (Monday/Tuesday) from the MPS Disbursement Gateway to your nominated bank account.

How to validate your clubs bank account to receive payments via the primary gateway?

How to change your club’s nominated bank account for the primary gateway?

  • Submit a support ticket with the bank account details and our support team will verify your request before updating.

Secondary Gateway FAQs

How do we log into our secondary gateways?

  • Upon activating your secondary gateway account, Pin Payment will provide login credentials. If you need access, please contact Pin Payment support.

How do I find out what charges are included in a transfer?  

  • Pin Payment sends an email to the club/association nominated contact every time there is a transfer. Transfers and charges can also be viewed by logging into the Pin Payment dashboard and select Transfers > select an individual transfer to view charges.

How long will it take for payments to be disbursed from the secondary gateway?

  • Payments to the secondary gateway are held for  3 business days before being disbursed to the club/association’s nominated bank account.

Where can I download my monthly statements?

  • Pin Payment sends a monthly statement via email to your club/association’s nominated contact. You can also login to the Pin Payment dashboard to download the statement which can be found under Account > Statements).

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